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 An App to Find Photography Places

Gramcity is a tool that wants to help users find good photo-taking places and locations, and also wants to create a user community for them to find & share their favorite locations.

It is a modified google ventures design sprint challenge from Bitesize ux. I worked on it as one project at Springboard. 


Problem defining, research synthesizing, journey map, sketch, storyboard, wireframe, porotype, usability testing


Noemi Selisker


1 Week Modified Google Ventures Design Spring


We love to take photos to keep good memories especially when we travel. However, sometimes it’s hard or there’s not enough time to find a nice photo-taking spot.


Taking notes from existing interview insights and personas helped me understand the actual user needs. Here are notes from different people:

  • "I want to find great places to take photos but doesn’t want to spend time researching or traveling out of the way to find them."

  • "I Can easily find locations and examples of the best photo ops in a city before planning out her day around visiting them. I'm willing to spend time planning out for photo taking."


A possible end-to-end user experience :

01. MAP.png



Day 2-Reference Screen 1.jpg

Good features from Google Map:

  • map display,

  • user images,

  • rating & reviews,

  • draw to show list 

Day 2-Reference Screen 2.jpg

Good features from SpotHero:

  • selection highlighted and enlarged,

  • color consistency


Day 2-Crazy 8s Screens.jpg


I liked the first screen I sketched which is the place exploring page. Below is the 3-panel board: the home page comes before it, the place explore page itself, and the detailed place page that comes after.

Day 2-Sketch.jpg


I sketched the storyboard and thought about the possible user flows happening between the important screens. 

Flow 1 - Find and save a place at the home screen

  • Users will use their current location to find and save a place.

Flow 2 - Find and save through the explore place screen & detailed place screen

  • [explore screen] explore the nearby place, find another one,

  • Then go to [place screen], view other people’s photos, then save it,

  • When going back you will see two saved places.

Day 3-Storyboard.jpg


Home Screen



  • Profile

  • Location

  • Search bar

  • Popular places posts

  • Interaction with other users by reacting to their posts

1 Home.png

Explore Screen


2 Find Places.png
3 Find Places- select.png

Explore nearby photograph places

  • View the places on a map view

  • Also can view them in a list by opening the draw

  • Popular places are highlighted in the theme color

  • Basic info - like the distance 

  • Save function

Click on a place to see basic info

  • The selected screen is enlarged

  • Able to see more photos taken there

4 Place Page.png

Detailed Place Screen


  • Detailed info of this place

  • Full list of other users' photos and reviews

  • Save function

  • Share photos function

*Click on top right to enable full-screen mode

Thank you for reading!


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